Tom Yam Pastry Aroy D

Tom Yam Sauce

If you decide to cook dinner according to classic Thai recipes, buy Tom Yam pasta.

Miso Pasta 1kg

Miso Pasty Dark "ASA"

Miso pasta is a pasty mass, usually brown, specific in taste and smell. miso is one of the most healthy foods in the human diet. Miso is primarily a seasoning, but also miso is also the basis for some dishes (soups, sandwich pastas, main dishes, etc.)

Funchoza Rice Noodles 500g is popular in Japanese and Chinese cuisine.

Rice Noodles Funchoza "ResFood"

Funchoza noodles (starchy) is a product of oriental cuisine in the form of white, elastic, plastic threads of various lengths, often folded into a ring.

Rice stick 400g

Rice Stick " AROY - D "

Ricestick noodle made from rice flour and water, which is available in various widths. Rice stick noodles are used for spring rolls, soups and salads. The medium noodle is the most popular and is used for stir-fries, soups, salads and as a bed for fish or meat to be served on.

Miso Paste Light 1kg

Miso Pasty Light "ASA"

Miso light is a fermented paste that adds a salty umami flavor to many Japanese dishes. Most miso is made in Japan, where the ingredient has been used since the eighth century or earlier.

Rice paper "AROY - D"

Rice paper is a high-grade, thin, loose, white paper with a rough surface. Most of all it is used in Asian cuisine and in a confectionery.

Hondashi fish broth.

Dry powdered fish broth Hondashi is one of the main ingredients of Japanese miso soup. How to cook miso soup. Japanese chefs use Hon Dashi powder to prepare meals.