Nori Tidori 100 sheets, is one of the most important products in the preparation of rolls and sushi.

Nori Tidori

Dusty Green Leaf Pressed Watercolors, ideally suited for roll rolls, sushi and snacks.

mat for sushi


So the Japanese call the bamboo mat for sushi and rolls. These are interconnected cotton thread sticks or lamellas of bamboo. The sticks are stacked horizontally, the thread fastens the elements vertically, making several seams.

Japanese mayonnaise "AJINOMOTO"

Japanese mayonnaise differs from the classic lightness content, as a rule, is used for making sushi. This is understandable, because all kinds of rice dishes that Japanese cooks are so proud of - numerous types of sushi, rolls and sashimi, always come with original seasonings, sauces and mayonnaise.

Bamboo stick for sushi

Bamboo Sticks (For Sushi)

Sushi bamboo sticks are an indispensable element of the gastronomic culture of Asian countries. The sticks are 21 cm long and approximately 0.7-0.8 cm wide; the shape narrows toward the end; the ending has a slightly dull shape. Designed for single use

Rice vinegar Dunkan 1lt

Rice Vinegar "Dunkan"

Rice vinegar is a type of vinegar made from fermented rice. It has a mild, slightly sweet flavor. It's a staple ingredient in many Asian dishes, including pickled vegetables, sushi rice, salad dressings and slaws.

Wassabi yakimal

Wasabi Premium "Yakimal"

Vasabi is a supplement to Japanese fish dishes. It gives the meals a delicious and authentic taste, as well as disinfecting the food. Ideal for sushi. This product minimizes the likelihood of any intestinal infections.

Nori Siwigi is an algae essential for sushi and roll preparation.

Seaweed Nori "Siwigi"

Seaweed nori Siwigi are a rich source of iodine and protein. Nori Siwigi fried seaweed is an integral part of many dishes of Asian cuisine, mainly sushi and roles.

Ginger pikled Sakura for sushi

Marinated Ginger (Pink) "Sakura"

Marinated ginger is served as an addition to sushi and rolls, in Japanese cuisine it is used to prepare for the next meal, it refreshes the mouth and cleans the taste buds.

Shinaki 25 kg

Rice for sushi SHİNAKİ " RES FOOD "

Rice is the basis of Japanese cuisine.A large number of national dishes are prepared with it. And sushi and rolls are especially popular. It is for them that a special kind of rice is used - a round shape with a high gluten content, which can absorb water well and become moist.

Sushi Nori Gold 100 sheets

Seaweed Nori "Gold"

Nori Gold Seaweed is an ideal option for those who want to cook delicious homemade rolls. They are large dense sheets into which it is very convenient to roll sticky rice and other mouth-watering filling, as they do not bend and keep their shape perfectly.

Rice vinegar Mİzkan FJ 18lt

Rice Vinegar FUJI "Mizkan"

Rice vinegar is a key ingredient in Japanese cuisine. If you prefer to cook rolls and sushi with your own hands, this ingredient is indispensable.

Wasabi Powder ASA 1kg

Wasabi Powder "ASA"

Wasabi - Japanese seasoning with a bright spicy taste. It reveals the taste of fish well and successfully complements dishes of fresh rice.