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Sunflower oil "OLFOOD"

High-quality refined sunflower oil, unlike other oils, burns late and evaporates very little.

Tempura flour "222"

Tempura flour of the highest quality, widely used in HORECA, as well as in private use.

Buckwheat noodles "TO DO FOOD

Soba is a national Japanese dish, a type of instant noodles. Grayish-brown noodles are made from buckwheat flour with a little wheat flour added so that the dish does not become too soft.

Bamboo sushi boat

Natural bamboo sushi boat used in Asian restaurants.

"NARITA" Multivarka

The universal boiler of the "Narita" company that we offer is loved by our customers for many years. This boiler is available for both professional HORECA and personal use.

Hondashi fish broth.

Dry powdered fish broth Hondashi is one of the main ingredients of Japanese miso soup. How to cook miso soup. Japanese chefs use Hon Dashi powder to prepare meals.

Rice paper "AROY - D"

Rice paper is a high-grade, thin, loose, white paper with a rough surface. Most of all it is used in Asian cuisine and in a confectionery.


Bonito is widely used in Japanese cuisine, as well as in other areas of professional cuisine. It has an exquisite taste.

French fries, country style "MISTER JOHN"

Rustic French fries "MISTER JOHN" is one of the most popular types of French fries in the Azerbaijani HORECA market. Gives a homely taste.

"MISTER JOHN" French Fries

"MISTER JOHN" french fries are among the most popular French Fries in the Azerbaijan HORECA market.

Japanese mayonnaise TAMAKI

A high quality product for fans of Asian cuisine. It has amazing taste. Japanese Tamaki mayonnaise is suitable for almost any dish and will allow you to get more pleasure from food.

Mоzarella cheese MARGARITA "KALLEH"

High quality mozzarella cheese Margherita KALLEH is suitable both for private use and for HORECA

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