Mustard hot dogs and other sandwiches are used in the preparation of burgers.

Yellow Mustard "American Garden"

4.00₼ / 397 g

American Garden Yellow Mustard Made with First Class Mustard Seeds is the No. 1 seller in many markets. Due to its delicious taste, soft consistency and versatility, classic yellow mustard is a preferred choice.

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Mamasita's Oyster sous.

Mama Sita's oyster sauce

12.00₼ / 750 ml

A delectable sauce extracted from real oysters. Mama Sita's Oyster Sauce boasts a full-bodied flavor that can stand alone as a sauce for Asian dishes. It is piquant, savory and flavorful. Often used in broccoli beef.

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Kimchi Sauce ASA 1.8l

Kimchi Sauce "ASA"

22.00₼ / 1.8 l

Spicy kimchi sauce is very popular in the homeland of its origin, and in addition is the main component of at least 170 Japanese national dishes.

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tabasco sauce green 60ml

Sauce "Tabasco" (Green)

4.00₼ / 60 ml

Tabasco green sauce is made from only three ingredients: ripe green pepper, Avery island salt and refined natural vinegar. This simple recipe, combined and with the utmost care, produces an incredibly spicy, fiery sauce that the world loves.

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Teriyaki sauce Asa 1.8lt

Teriaki Sauce "ASA"

19.00₼ / 1.8 l

Teriyaki is a traditional Japanese roasting method using a sweet sauce spread in Japanese cuisine.

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Siracha "AROY - D"

8.00₼ / 500 g

Traditionally, the sauce is served with various seafood; its sweet and sour taste is ideal in combination with shrimp and fried fish.Also, Sriracha's sauce goes well with meat, especially fried.

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Unagi Sauce Asa

Unagi Sauce Professional ASA

19.00₼ / 1.8 l

Unagi sauce is a caramelized sauce of dark color, quite thick. It tastes nice, sweet and salty. The sauce gives the finished dish a more intense taste and emphasizes the refined taste notes of eel (or other fish).

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American Garden Worcester Sauce

Worcester Sauce " American Garden "

5.00₼ / 295 ml

Worcester sauce is a complex and unique combination of tastes and aromas that is used to improve the taste of a wide variety of dishes and drinks.

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Mustard Dijon Remia

Mustard "Remia Dijon"

3.50₼ / 370 g

Delicious delicate mustard Remia Dijon, gives a spicy flavor to meat, chicken, fish, vegetables and pasta dishes.

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Katana soy sauce is one of the most important sauces in Chinese and Japanese cuisines.

Soy Sauce "Katana"

48.00₼ / 20 l

Katana soy sauce is an optimally prepared sauce for dressing vegetables, fish, various salads in both European and Eastern cuisine. Traditional salads prepared with this sauce will open you a new unique rich taste and aroma.

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Soy Sauce Kikoman 1lt sauce used in all kitchens. It is especially popular in Japanese and Chinese cuisine. Sushi and Rolls are the main sauce to eat.

Soy Sauce "Kikkoman"

10.00₼ / 1 l

Kikkoman Naturally Cooked Soy Sauce is a classic soy sauce. It is made from four natural ingredients - soybeans, wheat, water and salt - in the traditional way of natural fermentation for 6 months. Transparent, has a reddish-brown color and a unique, easily recognizable taste.

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english sauce Hp

HP sauce "Heinz"

6.00₼ / 454 g

HP sauce is a traditional English sauce that is served with meat, sausages, french fries, chips and many other dishes. The sauce is truly loved both at home and abroad. We offer this sauce with juicy steaks or grilled sausages.

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