Udon Noodle Kekeshi 300q

Udon Noodle "Kekeshi"

Udon is a type of wheat flour noodle characteristic of Japanese cuisine.

Tempura Flour ToDo FOOD TOKITO

Tempura flour is an excellent combination of wheat and rice flour, garlic, pepper and other seasonings, due to which a very tasty and crisp crust forms on the products.

Egg Noodles SenSoy

Egg Noodles SenSoy

In cooking, this type of noodle is used in many cuisines of the world. Soups, broths, as well as casseroles and various main dishes are cooked with it. It is most popular in Italy, Asia and China. In Chinese cuisine, there are even culinary masterpieces that can be prepared only from this kind of noodle.

spring roll uPastry Chef 215mm*215mm 550g

Spring Roll Pastry (215mm*215mm) "UPastry Chef"

Spring roll dough allows you to easily cook one of the most popular Asian dishes. As the filling, you can use fried meat, vegetables, seafood, mushrooms, as well as hot Kimchi pasta and other spices. The dough for spring rolls is very elastic and has an optimal thickness.

Bread Crumb "222"

222 panko dumplings are an important ingredient in the preparation of various fried foods, especially meat and fish, that protect the juices of the products and prevent them from burning.

Panko bread crumbs ECO 1kg

Bread Crumbs Panko "ECO"

Panko ECO is a Japanese breadcrumbs that are used in almost all Japanese dishes, which include deep-frying or deep-frying. Due to the special texture of crackers, the breading during frying absorbs a minimum amount of oil, which allows you to get a more airy appetizing crust and make the dish a little healthier.

Buckwheat noodles "TO DO FOOD

Soba is a national Japanese dish, a type of instant noodles. Grayish-brown noodles are made from buckwheat flour with a little wheat flour added so that the dish does not become too soft.

Tempura flour "222"

Tempura flour of the highest quality, widely used in HORECA, as well as in private use.