Brazilian bull steak.

Tenderloin "Friboi 4/5"

Tenderloin is a beef Brazilian bull. Almost not involved in the life of the animal, so this part of the meat is tender, with a minimum amount of fat.

Eco paper containers for delivery.

Boxes For Noodles ECO

This stylish box is made from solid, recyclable, eco-friendly kraft cardboard. The boxes are universal, suitable for various purposes: for all pasta, rice or other Asian dishes. Grease and moisture resistant inner layer, the box holds fluid.


Baby Octopus "SeaFood"

In Japanese cuisine, a young octopus is a common product from which dishes such as sushi and takoyaki are prepared. Often young octopuses are found in Mediterranean cuisine. Young octopus - a source of vitamins B3, B12, potassium, phosphorus and selenium

Ginger pickled Tabuko 1.5kg

Marinated Ginger (White) "Tabuko"

Marinated ginger is served as an addition to sushi and rolls, in Japanese cuisine it is used to prepare for the next meal, it refreshes the mouth and cleans the taste buds.

Yellow Mustard American Garden

Yellow Mustard "American Garden"

American Garden Yellow Mustard Made with First Class Mustard Seeds is the No. 1 seller in many markets. Due to its delicious taste, soft consistency and versatility, classic yellow mustard is a preferred choice.

Nori Tidori 100 sheets, is one of the most important products in the preparation of rolls and sushi.

Nori Tidori

Dusty Green Leaf Pressed Watercolors, ideally suited for roll rolls, sushi and snacks.

Cremette Cream Cheese 2kg

Cremette Professional 2kg

Cremette Professional is a unique cheese with a delicate, light taste and excellent texture. The scope of its application in a professional or home kitchen can be very diverse: with its help you will be able to cook your favorite cheesecake, make an unusually tasty sauce for spaghetti or make Japanese rolls.

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Liquid smoke kostrovok is a liquid that gives as much flavor to various dishes.

Liquid Smoke "Kostrovok"

The classic liquid smoke is a natural flavor used to give the products a smoky taste and aroma. Typically, spicy liquid smoke is used as a soup for meat, poultry and fish. Soups and sauces are also added to give a smoky flavor.


Salmon File

Salmon is not just a representative of the species of salmon, it is called the “queen of salmon”, but also a noble and Atlantic salmon. The meat of this fish is tender and does not require long-term heat treatment.

baked beans heinz

Baked Beans HEINZ

Beans, slightly baked, combined with a thick tomato sauce - an excellent side dish, as well as a separate dish. In addition, they are rich in vegetable protein, and are second only to meat in amino acid composition.


Cream Cheese Willie 69% 1,5 kg

Kalleh Willie cheese is justifiably popular among pastry chefs and more. From this gentle soft cream cheese, you can cook a number of culinary masterpieces: cakes, pastries, cookies, cheesecakes, a favorite cheesecake, and lovers of Japanese cuisine will definitely like it as an integral part of rolls and sushi.

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Tom Yam Pastry Aroy D

Tom Yam Sauce

If you decide to cook dinner according to classic Thai recipes, buy Tom Yam pasta.