Cream Cheese Willie 69% 1,5 kg

15.00₼ / 1500 g

Kalleh Willie cheese is justifiably popular among pastry chefs and more. From this gentle soft cream cheese, you can cook a number of culinary masterpieces: cakes, pastries, cookies, cheesecakes, a favorite cheesecake, and lovers of Japanese cuisine will definitely like it as an integral part of rolls and sushi.

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Cream Cheese Willie 69% 1,5 kg

Cream Cheese Willie 74% 1,5 kg

15.00₼ / 1.5 kg

Soft cream cheese of the Iranian brand Kalleh Willie Cream Cheese Classic for making cheesecakes, creams for cakes and cupcakes, mousses, sauces, rolls, as well as various snacks. This soft cream cheese with a dense and elastic consistency does not crumble and does not flow at room temperature.

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Parmesan Kalleh

Parmesan Cheese "Kalleh"

129.00₼ / 6 kg

Parmesan cheese - the famous Italian very hard cheese. High-quality parmesan has a complex, sharp-salty taste. Parmesan is an important ingredient in risotto and many Italian soups. It gives aroma and unforgettable taste to the dough, and the filling of pies makes it thick and very tasty.

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Coconut milk Le Supreme400q

Coconut Milk "LeSupreme"

3.00₼ / 400 g

Coconut milk is a milky white, sweetish liquid produced from the pulp of ripened coconut. It is used as a component for the preparation of various dishes mainly of oriental cuisine.

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Delicious taste and aroma sesame oil.

Sesame oil " HEINZ "

22.00₼ / 500 ml

Sesame oil is the most healing vegetable oil, the important properties of which make it truly unique. It should be taken regularly, because beneficial effect on digestion. After illnesses, oil strengthens the nervous system, restores strength, and removes feelings of anxiety.

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Cream Cheese Mascarpone Kalleh 500q

Cream Chesee Mascarpone "Kalleh"

10.00₼ / 500 g

Mascarpone soft cream cheese of the Iranian KALLEH trademark is produced from selected cream using Italian technology. This is a very delicate, thick, soft sour-milk product with a slightly sweetish flavor.

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