Cream Cheese Willie 69% 1,5 kg

Kalleh Willie cheese is justifiably popular among pastry chefs and more. From this gentle soft cream cheese, you can cook a number of culinary masterpieces: cakes, pastries, cookies, cheesecakes, a favorite cheesecake, and lovers of Japanese cuisine will definitely like it as an integral part of rolls and sushi.

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Cream Cheese Willie 69% 1,5 kg

Cream Cheese Willie 74% 1,5 kg

Soft cream cheese of the Iranian brand Kalleh Willie Cream Cheese Classic for making cheesecakes, creams for cakes and cupcakes, mousses, sauces, rolls, as well as various snacks. This soft cream cheese with a dense and elastic consistency does not crumble and does not flow at room temperature.

Mоzarella cheese MARGARITA "KALLEH"

High quality mozzarella cheese Margherita KALLEH is suitable both for private use and for HORECA

Sunflower oil "OLFOOD"

High-quality refined sunflower oil, unlike other oils, burns late and evaporates very little.