Masaqo Green

Masago (Green) "Meridian"

Masago is used as a decoration in many types of rolls and sushi and other dishes. It is extremely popular in Japan, despite its Icelandic origin. It is distinguished by its delicate taste and fine-grained structure: eggs are slightly inferior in size to another type of caviar - Tobiko

Masago (Green) "Meridian" Ingredients:

Kapelin kürüsü, siyənək kürüsü, toz şəkər, duz, soya sousu, su, ləzzət (E621, E631, E627, E640), limon turşusu, kalium fosfat.

Producing country:Belarus
Shelf life:18 months
Storage conditions:-18°С
Volume:500 g
Product code:1097
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