Parmesan Kalleh

Parmesan Cheese "Kalleh"

Parmesan cheese - the famous Italian very hard cheese. High-quality parmesan has a complex, sharp-salty taste. Parmesan is an important ingredient in risotto and many Italian soups. It gives aroma and unforgettable taste to the dough, and the filling of pies makes it thick and very tasty.

Parmesan Cheese "Kalleh" Ingredients:

Parmesan contains fats, carbohydrates, proteins, water, ash, micro, macrocells, vitamins, as well as folic acid. In a percentage ratio, the product consists of: proteins - 55.17%, fats - 39.86%, carbohydrates 4.97%. In 100 g of cheese: proteins - 35.75 g, water - 29.16 g, fats - 25.83 g, carbohydrates - 3.22 g, inorga

Producing country:Iran
Shelf life:6 months
Storage conditions:+2°С ; +6°С
Volume:6 kg
Product code:1005
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