Sea Salad Chukka

Wakame Chuka "ASA"

Wakame Chuka salad is a traditional diet Japanese dish, a source of iodine, vitamins and minerals. Perfectly burns excess fats and is considered an unusually useful product.

Tiger Shrimps 16/20 "NORDIC"

Shrimps 16/20 can be cooked in a variety of ways: boil, fry, bake on the grill. Their meat becomes the basis for many dishes - salads, mousses, paella, soups: all of them, thanks to the shrimp, are always delicious.

Squid U5 1 kg. Gourmet squid fillet is used in many Asian dishes.

Squid fillet (U5) "Nordic"

Squid fillet (U5) Nordic - a dietary product for a balanced diet. Suitable for preparing many Asian dishes. Freshly frozen squid fillet will appeal to lovers of marine delicacies and will allow you to diversify your diet with healthy and tasty food.

Krab Econom Market 1kg Surimi

Krab "Econom Market"

In the salad, the Economy Market crab looks very beautiful, and in taste it gives the salad a special piquancy, in its consistency it gives juiciness and tenderness.