Salmon File

Salmon is not just a representative of the species of salmon, it is called the “queen of salmon”, but also a noble and Atlantic salmon. The meat of this fish is tender and does not require long-term heat treatment.

Tuna Fillet "RISMA" AAA +

Tuna is a fish of the mackerel family. Tuna has been used for food from ancient times to this day. Widely used in both European and Asian cuisines. Tuna steak is very popular, it is fried in a pan and on the grill.

snow crab Santa Bremor 0.5kg

Snow Crab "Santa Bremor"

Snow crab is popular with foodies all over the world. And all thanks to its most tender meat, which has an unforgettable sweetish taste. Snow crab meat can be found in soups, salads and other Asian dishes.